Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Nice Sunday Afternoon To Go For A Bike Ride

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Kelly Holmes

Temperatures were in the 60s this afternoon in the Winston-Salem, NC area. I headed out from my house around 1:30 on my bike headed to the Town Square in Lewisville, NC. While riding on Harper Road, out in the country, I sensed someone coming up on me from behind. I looked back and was glad to see my friend Kelly Holmes gaining on me quickly. Kelly and I have been riding together off and on for over twenty years now. We often see each other on the road unplanned and go for a nice ride. 
The Cat 8 group assembling before the ride

At the square we saw several members of the Cat 8 group assembling before the ride. This is a great group of riders that ride from the Lewisville Square on Saturday and Sunday. I'm not able to join in with them on Saturday's because I am working. On Sundays they ride at 2:00 in the afternoon this time of year. They were planning on riding a loop called "Liberty Church". A planned distance of approximately 40 miles. Kelly and I joined in and rode at the back chatting. The group rode in a single file paceline for a couple of miles until we were out of town. Once we were out in the country and not an impediment to traffic we switched to a double paceline. There were lots of long fairly straight stretches on the route we rode today. We rode smooth and steady. Once back to the square Mark Speas checked his Garmin and reported an average speed for the ride of 19.4 miles per hour. That's a good pace, but didn't seem too hard since we just kept rolling the whole time. This was a good group ride. After riding to and from the ride I ended up with a total distance of right at 60 miles.
Poor Ole' Joe supervised me wiping down my bike once I returned home.

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