Monday, March 26, 2012

A Nice Monday Afternoon To Ride A Bicycle! 3/26/12

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Two cows and two donkey's grazing on the nice green grass  in their pasture on Waterworks Rd. in Clemmons, NC.

We've had a lot of rainy days that have made it hard to get in a ride. The rain and mild temperatures have also made the grass green and many flowers and trees bloom. This afternoon was sunny and 75 degrees with some wind blowing. 

One of my long time cycling routes from my house is approximately 40 miles in length and whines through Davidson County and the community of Welcome, NC. I've done this route so many times it's like being on Auto-Pilot. 
Riding on Enterprise towards Welcome, NC.
Music: "I'm from Texas" by Lee Graves

Enterprise is a nice smooth road with some stretches that are good to crank up the speed on. At the end of the road you end up on Hwy 150 (a two lane road with a wide shoulder). Hwy 150 takes you right through the middle of Welcome, NC. Today I rode down into the RCR (Richard Childress Racing) complex that is located just off of the main drag on the south side of Welcome.
RCR takes up many buildings and looks like an large industrial park.
This is Richard Childress Racing's Race Museum.
I saw at least three of Dale Earnhart's former cars through the front windows as I rode by on my bike.

The offices of Richard Childress Racing. 

These are just a couple of the RCR buildings in the small town of Welcome, NC. There are buildings that look like factories for body and chassis fabrication, engine building, engineering and on and on. It's impressive just to ride through and see it.

It was a little warm at times today. 
These four horses on Circle Drive in Davidson County were trying to crowd into the only shade tree in their pasture.

The day was getting on into going home from work traffic when I started to head in. I have found over the years that it is not a problem on Hampton Road going towards Clemmons in the afternoon. Most of the traffic seems to be going the other way in the evenings. 
This is Richard Childress's house that also happens to be on the route. It is located on Hampton Road between Welcome and Clemmons, NC. It's a big house on a hill surrounded by a vineyard. He also has a winery.

Of course, I had a strong headwind all the way into Clemmons on Hampton Road. I just shifted into an easier gear and kept my cadence up. When you get a chance to ride on a beautiful day like today you can't let windy conditions ruin your ride. It was a nice day to ride and I enjoyed seeing the many green fields and animals grazing. 
Two horses and a donkey grazing in a pasture along Hampton Road, just outside of Clemmons, NC.

Once I got home I cleaned up my bicycle and got something to eat. I don't have to worry about anything as long as Poor Ole' Joe is on the job guarding it.

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