Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Race Pics

To begin the slideshow.....I asked Sirena to take some pictures of the race and this is one of them. Thank you Sirena for your hard work, but I may have to give the responsibility to another. There were other legit pictures, but this is the one that I had to post.
Charlie leading the "B" race on the back stretch. It was strange tonight that the wind was in your face on the backstretch and not the finishing straight.
Chancey rockin' the skinsuit.........

Charlie's finish

Charlie with a nice finish.

Stylin' at Dixie

Ring the bell if you like fresh styles! Now that the Dixie race no longer features the organizer's personal iPod mix as the soundtrack, we had to entertain ourselves by admiring the fashion of the PVSers after the race. I submit the following as evidence of our cutting-edge looks:

Not sure if these gents need to 'splain themselves or not. Comments?

Dixie C Race Recap

The C Race at Dixie tonight was fast. Mitch and I were joined by Duane and Whitney (guys from Paceline W-S). The race had around 17 people in it. Oh by the way #627 was there...the guy who has won the previous Dixie races. My Cervelo is in the shop and I had to rock the Cannondale crossbike with road tires/road set-up. The race started out fast. Immediately #627's friend shot off the front and got a ~15-20 second gap. No one was wanting to chase that early. He stayed out front for a long time. Eventually, the pack (with Mitch and myself) doing work caught him. Then one of Mitch's friends Barry took off. He is extremely fast and I thought he was gone. There was a head wind on the back stretch and he was reeled in after a few laps. Apparenly he told Mitch to go with him but our beloved Mitch didn't make the jump (Sport Beans?). Everyone remember a couple of weeks ago at Dixie Mitch left me out to work...kidding. We need to work on our communication during the race. We were all back together and then there was <10 laps to go. #627 went and amped up the pace some. We stayed together and the laps dwindled down. With one lap to go I decided to make a break for it and got a gap of a few feet. I hung on until the last corner when I was caught. Mitch a few guys came around. #627 won again!!! Mitch hung on for 3rd and I held on for 5th. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Triathlon Links

I have put the links for the upcoming triathlons in the links section

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ride on Sunday - March 29th

On Sunday we will have a ride leaving from Todd and Trish Gray's barber shop in North Davidson County at 1:30 PM. We will ride over to the Omnimum Road Race Course at a moderate pace. The course has several challenging hills and is a good training loop. If riders get separated from the group they can always turn around and ride the course in reverse and get back together with the rest of the riders. This is good training for the up coming road races. In particular the Rock Hill Road Race and of course The Piedmont Triad Omnium Road Race.

Below is a link to the North Davidson Barber Shop web site.
Shortcut to: http://myndsports.com/northdavidsonbarbershop.html

Upcoming Multisport Races

Erich sent out an email with the following multisport races coming up.

For those interested in multisport activities, the following races are coming up:
3/28/09 - Loco Ocho Trail Race (open): Uhwarrie Nat'l Forest, NC
3/29/09 - MAP Triathlon (full, closed): Huntersville, NC
4/4/09 - Valdese Sprint (open): Valdese, NC
4/4/09 - Smithfield Sprint (open): Smithfield, VA
4/5/09 - Wilmington Athletic Club Sprint (open): Wilmington, NC
4/18/09 - Belews Lake Sprint (open): Carolina Marina (Belews Lake), NC

I have also put a link to the side for the Off'n Running race calendar.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have put some links to the side that might be interesting to some. If you want me to add a link to the page just let me know what it is and I will add it to the blog. Or if you have something for sale on Ebay I can put a link to it while the auction is going on.

Also, when you click "post" then it will let post text and add pictures and videos that you want.

If anyone has any ideas on what to put on here let me know.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PVS Blog

I started this blog to see if there was any interest in having one central location for people to get the latest information on race results and upcoming races. Or if anyone needs to sell anything or whatever. I would think that a lot of people have a gmail address. In order to post you will need to become a member.