Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gunnar Roadie - Beautiful Sunday Afternoon For A Ride - "Live It Up"

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 Gunnar Roadie
 It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon to go for a bicycle ride. The temperature was in the low 60s and there was partially cloudy skies with little wind.

I rode my Gunnar Roadie today. Gunnar Cycles, the company in Waterford Wisconsin that makes Gunnar bicycles, was named after Richard Schwinn's Labrador retriever. Normally my black Lab, Poor ole' Joe, keeps me company when I am either checking my bike before a ride or cleaning it up after a ride. This past Thursday Poor ole' Joe had reconstructive knee surgery, and is laying around recovering. His right knee went out last Saturday night while I was walking him. That is why he isn't in the picture with my bike.
Click here to visit the Gunnar Cycles web site.

 For the past week I have been keeping him company while he has been laid up. I was grateful for the chance to slip out for a short ride while he was sleeping this afternoon. What a wonderful day to "Live it up!"

Poor ole' Joe resting after surgery.

Around 2:30 this afternoon I headed out on my bike for a ride of a couple of hours. I rode out Peace Heaven Road past Clemmons, NC and in the general direction of Lewisville, NC. Once out of traffic I started to do a few over under intervals. 

Over under intervals are when you ride a little beyond your maintainable threshold effort level and then back off and recover a little below your threshold effort level. I haven't been able to ride much at all the last month or so, and it took me a little longer to recover after a hard effort today.
 The video above is riding out Peace Haven Road today.
Music: Home in the woods by: Lightnin' Hopkins

A horse enjoying the wonderful day on Styers Ferry Road outside of Lewisville.

Two more horses on Styers Ferry Road living it up.
 I had ridden through Lewisville and had done several hard efforts and was close to Phafftown, NC, when I came across Chris riding in the other direction. I turned around a caught up to him, and we stopped to talk. We rode off back in the general direction of Lewisville and Chris joined me in a few interval workouts. Then we practiced sprinting a few times, using a stop ahead sign as a finish line. 

I was running out of time and I needed to head home to feed and check on Poor ole' Joe. He was sleeping, but woke up and wagged his tail when he saw me.

I am thankful I got a chance to get out and ride my bike some today and "Live it up."

My friend Chris Culp
Sheryl Crow performs "Live it up" in 2005

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