Sunday, March 17, 2013

Biking Bettys Ride - Easy

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Biking Bettys (Barbie and Blonde) with their new road bikes!

This morning I had the pleasure of riding with two Biking Bettys. Barbie Betty and Blonde Betty both just got new road bikes. They have both been busy running, swimming and participating in spin classes. October was the last time they have been out on the road. 

After a successful half ironman triathlon, Barbie and Blonde Betty, were on their way to do the "Stroke Ride" when Barbie's car was slammed into from behind. They were both without lasting injuries, but Barbie's poor car , bike rack on the rear of her car and both their bikes were badly damaged. The bike rack and both bikes were totally destroyed.

We went on a nice ride around town for about one and half hours. During our ride we took a scenic route through the "Old" Sherwood Forrest and Buena Vista neighborhoods. We passed right by the house I live in on Northriding Road from the age of three till I was twelve years old. We also passed by Barbie's present house in Buena Vista. 

This morning was cool and overcast. But we rode "Easy" and just enjoyed being out for a bicycle ride. We were bundled up and all had flashing lights on the back of our bikes. I look forward to riding again soon with the "Biking Bettys."
Blonde Betty and Barbie Betty dressed in green for St. Patrick's day.

What is Biking Bettys? Well the best way to find out is by clicking here to visit the Biking Bettys Blog.
In the video below the three of us are riding into Buena Vista.
Video music is: "My Friend Betty" by Mark Johnson & Clawgrass

Behind me is the house I lived in for nine years.
The spot where the car is parked in the driveway is exactly where I learned to ride a bike without training wheels.

The Commodores perform "Easy" in the video below.

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