Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hector Heusghem

Hector Heusghem

Hector Heusghem (1890 - 1982) was a Belgian road cyclist who finished in second place in two consecutive Tour de Frances, 1920 and 1921. He also won a total of three stages during those two years.

Heusghem was wearing the yellow leader's jersey with only three stages remaining during the 1922 Tour de France. The next day after his bicycle frame broke he swapped bicycles without permission from the race officials. This was against the rules and he was penalized one hour. The time penalty put him in fourth place overall. 

Hector Heusghem had two brothers, Pierre- Joseph Heusghem and Louis Heusghem that were also cyclists. 

In the 1921 Tour de France, Hector Heusghem (left) and Leon Scieur

Hector Heusghem takes a break during the 11th stage of the 1921 Tour de France

Hector Heusghem 1923

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