Thursday, September 6, 2012

Charly Mottet

Charly Mottet

Charly Mottet was born 1962 in Valence, Drome - France. He raced as a professional cyclist from 1893 to 1994 and was considered one of the best French road cyclists of his era. 
 Mottet won the Tour de Romandie in 1990 and placed well in several grand tours during his career. He competing in the Tour de France 8 times and finished 4th twice, 1987 and 1991. Mottet also won three stages of the Tour de France; 1 in 1990 and 2 in 1991. He also did well in the Giro d'Italia, finishing in 2nd place in 1990.

Since his retirement, he has acted as an assistant director of the Criterium Dauphine Libere, as well as directing the French national team..
Charly Mottet racing for System U, 1987
1988 Daphine Libere
Charly Mottet 1991
Charly Mottet's 1991 R.M.O. team bike. This bike features all Mavic components.
I remember seeing this bike on television and in magazines.
I always thought it was a good looking bike.

Below is a video of a 55 mile long time trial during the 1987 Tour de France.
Look for Charly Mottet!

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