Saturday, September 29, 2012

Victor Lenaers

Victor Lenaers

Victor Lenaers (1893 - 1968) was a Belgian cyclist who race professionally from 1921 to 1926. He finished in 6th place overall in the 1921 Tour de France and 5th place in 1922. Lenaers won the second stage of both the 1921 and 1922 Tour de Frances. 

 In 1921 Victor Lenaers raced for the Delage Team. This team won 11 of the 15 stages of the Tour de France during the 1921 edition. 
Victor Lenaers in the Alps.

Lenaers with Muller and Sellier on his wheel, after their escape in the stage from Strasbourg to Metz, during the Tour de France in 1921.

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