Friday, September 28, 2012

Bike Tribes - A Field Guide To North American Cyclists by Mike Magnuson

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Bike Tribes: A field guide to North American Cyclists
By Mike Magnuson
Illustrations by Danica Novgorodoff
Published May 2012 By Rodale Books
224 Pages
Printed in the USA

Bike Tribes is an entertaining book with descriptions of most types of cyclists. Mike Magnuson describes cyclists from bike shop owners to fixie riders to bicycle commuters to bike racers of all types. They are all in this book. Each chapter describes a cyclist of a different type. There is a nice illustration at the beginning of each chapter, which adds a lot to this book. This is a light entertaining book that would be perfect to take with you while traveling or waiting for an appointment. Since each chapter is really a short story you can pick up this book after not reading it for awhile and not be lost. This is a fun book that any cyclist would enjoy.

Click here to learn more about the book from the Rodale Books web site.

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