Monday, March 12, 2012

Back To Zone 4 Intervals

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Tim and Jake back at the Lewisville Town Square.

I met Tim and Jake this afternoon at the Lewisville Square. We talked about the workout we planned to do that day as we warmed up. Hauser Road is a short distance from The Square and has a smooth surface with little traffic. We all did our own interval work outs. The combined time of the working intervals and the recovery intervals was about an hour and a half. After that we got in a nice 30 minutes of easy spinning. The temperature was in the 60s and overcast with a light breeze. This all combined to make a good day for riding. By the time I rode back home I had in a ride time of approximately 3 and a half hours. Since Day Light Saving Time is now in effect, I had time to eat supper and play some fetch with Poor Ole' Joe.
Poor Ole' Joe was glad to see me when I arrived home.

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