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Gustave Garrigou

Gustave Garrigou

Gustave Garrigou (1884 - 1963) was a French professional racing cyclist that is considered to be one of the best of his era. He is most famous for winning the 1911 edition of the Tour de France. A couple of his other major victories are Milan - San Remo in 1911 and Paris - Brussels in 1907.

Garrigou was a thin cyclist who was able to climb well in the mountains but had the power to ride hard on flat sections as well.
He turned professional in 1907 and that year won the French National Championship, the Tour of Lombardy, Paris-Brussels and finished second in the Tour de France.

He won the Tour de France in 1911 while receiving death threats from fans of another French rider, Paul Duboc, who believed Garrigou to be behind an incident in which Duboc collapsed in the Pyrenees and lay in agony for an hour after drinking from a poisoned water bottle .Garrigou had to ride with a disguise on to prevent being attacked by Duboc's supporters. The culprit was eventually caught and was found to be a helper of a rival tam of Duboc's.

Gustave Garrigou's career ended with the out break of World War I in 1914.

Gustave Garrigou riding through the Pyrenees during the 1911 Tour de France.

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