Saturday, January 28, 2012

SON delux dynamo hub

SON delux

The SON Deluxe is the first hub dynamo, whose generator was specifically designed for modern LED lightsAn LED is - in contrast to the halogen bulb - even at partial load is highly effective, ie if it is operated below its rated capacity. So it is no longer necessary to build the dynamo so that it reaches its full power at the lowest possible speed. The SON Deluxe is therefore smaller and lighter than a hub dynamo for halogen lighting. The idle power reduction compared to the classical SON 28 is by 30 - 35%.

The SON delux is made in Germany by Schmidt Maschinenbau ( Schmidt Engineering )

Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau

Schmidt Maschinenbau view   
In 1992, Wilfried Schmidt before the prototype of a gearless hub dynamo, which became the starting point and benchmark for modern dynamo lighting. The series production started in 1995 in Ulm. The aim was to use reliable, low maintenance and durable products to make cycling more comfortable and safer. 

Schmidt Maschinenbau view

1998 we moved into separate rooms in a building in the French Quarter in Tübingen . In this ecological objectives with planned, mixed-use suburb of our SON hub dynamo and LED headlights are not only developed and marketed. Even a majority of parts production and assembly takes place here under socially and environmentally manageable conditions. For purchased parts is also true: preferred short distances.

Schmidt Maschinenbau view
In 2011 the workforce has grown to 28. Almost all employees are on a bike or walk to work.

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