Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Group Ride - "Kerns' Group"

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John Kerns
 I rolled out of my driveway on my bicycle, headed to the group ride at Lewisville, NC. As usual I was running a few minutes behind and ended up time trialing to the town square, in order to get there before the ride started at 8:00. I made it just seconds before the start time. My intentions were to ride the Hearts' group ride. Several groups were leaving at the same time. I ended up riding out with "Kerns' Group."

"Kerns' Group" is organized by John Kerns. John plans the route and the ride time. This group general rides a little faster and a little shorter route, this time of the year, than the Hearts ride. 

It takes a real commitment to plan rides like John does. He is out there every Saturday and Sunday. He's there regardless of how he feels or the weather. Thanks for all you do John.

We rode approximately 47 miles today. The group rolled on well in a double paceline. It was a beautiful day and the ride was very enjoyable. 

I was starting this day of riding with a little over 500 miles in for the week. My legs were a little tired, but I still wanted to sprint for the sprint sign at the end of the ride. A couple of riders started to sprint and I took off. I almost made a bad mistake by looking back over my shoulder as we approached the sign. We were all wound up at this point. When I looked back while sprinting I got too close to the edge of the road. I ran off the side of the road at full speed right as I got to the sign. There was a ditch and a couple of other obstacles that could have easily made me go down as I was trying to keep my bike under control in the wet grass. Fortunately I was able to save it. Even experienced riders do dumb stuff. 

We cruised on into the town square. At the square we chatted a little and I headed out to ride on in. I stopped at the restroom and saw two of my friends, Mike McKnight and Robert Myrick about to leave for a ride. I joined in with them and rode about 25 miles more. 

When I got home my computer showed that I had ridden 84.86 miles. I rested a little and went out to ride again. I rode another 16 miles to put me just over 100 miles total for the day and a little over 600 miles for the week. 

Once again, another vacation day well spent riding with a bunch of good friends!
Kerns' Group Ride rolling by Hollars Grocery
All around good guys; Carl and Will
Mike and Robert
Me rolling down the road on my Trek Madone

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