Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gunnar Roadie - Project Bike - Boeshield T-9

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The Gunnar Roadie project bike is almost ready to be built up. Gunnar Roadie is Gunnar Cycles' road racing frame. It is designed for efficient transfer of power and responsive handling. 
The Gunnar Roadie project bike in the 2012 color of the year; English blue with white panels.
In size 52cm the Gunnar Roadie project bike frame weighs 3 pounds & 7 ounces. This is the weight of the frame as it should be weighed. 

Many companies publish frame weights that are misleading. They weigh many frames to find the lightest one they can find. They also weigh the frames without any paint, derailleur hanger, seat clamp, or water-bottle cage bolts. Paint alone can easily weigh 1/4th of a pound.
The Gunnar decal on the headtube is a sprocket with a dog paw print in the center.

In metric measurement the Gunnar Roadie frame weighs 1570 grams.

2 pounds 2 ounces for the Gunnar Roadie fork is not a true weight.

We'll see what the weight is when this ridiculously long steer tube is trimmed down some.

The Gunnar Roadie fork with a crazy long steer tube in metric measurements is 970 grams.

 When building the Gunner Roadie this much of the steer tube of the fork was cut off. The cut off portion weighed 201 grams.
Steel bicycle frames and forks should be treated on the inside to prevent corrosion (rust) before being assembled. We used Boeshield T-9 to treat the Gunnar Roadie. Boeshield T-9 was developed by The Boeing Company to fill their need for a superior lubricant/protectorant. This also makes an excellent chain lube. Once the chain needs lubrication on the Gunnar Roadie I plan to try Boeshield on the chain. I'll let you know what I think of it. Click here for more information on Boeshield T-9.
Treating a steel bicycle frame for internal corrosion is always a messy job. The protectorant is sprayed inside all the tubes and then the frame must me moved in all directions to be sure it is uniformly coated on the inside. I like to let them sit over night before starting to assemble them. I rotate them around several times during the waiting period.
Gunnar Cycles are handcrafted in Waterford, Wisconsin, USA.

This is Gunnar the dog. The company is named after this chocolate Labrador retriever. The folks at Waterford decided Gunnar's attributes described what was desirable in a bicycle frame.

  • Reliability
  • Discipline
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Friendliness
  • Simplicity
                            • Click here for more information on Gunnar Cycles.

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