Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A road bike with fenders

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Monday is my day off from work and really the only day lately I seem to have a chance to get in a ride. Lately we have had a lot of rain on Mondays. This week it cleared up around lunch time. There's always some places on the road where the water hasn't dried up completely. It's nice on a day like today to have a road bike with fenders. The large saddle bag on this bike contains my flat repair kit and a rain jacket, just in case. 

Is this bike slower than a modern carbon fiber racing bike? Maybe, but does it matter? I think I will be able to keep up since I'm riding by myself. Besides this is a fixed gear bike anyway.
When I started out it was sunny with a slight breeze blowing. My plan was to head south towards Davidson County. As I headed that way it started to look Stormy. I changed my course and headed towards the back gate of Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC. At the back gate I looked at the sky to decide which way to go. To the south the sky looked very stormy and to the north the sun was shinning brightly and the sky was clear. So naturally I headed for sunshine.
 Sunny and clear skies heading into the back entrance of Tanglewood Park. I added a lap around the traditional "Mill Loop" and made it back in without any rain. There were a few places that the roads were still wet. The fenders on the bike kept spray from the tires off me and the bike. Thank goodness for a nice dry ride.
Poor ole' Joe kept me company as I cleaned up my bike after the ride.

In 1968 The Classic IV performed a song titled "Stormy".

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