Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finally got a chance to ride to The Shiloh General Store!

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Me at The Shiloh General Store

When I got up this morning my legs were tired from the previous two long days of climbing rides. It has been about four years since I have been able to do the "bakery ride." The Shiloh General Store or "Amish Bakery" as it is better know is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Those are the two days of the week that Ken's Bike Shop is also closed. So, I haven't been able to ride to the bakery when it is open ever since I began working at Ken's. Despite being tired I decided to ride to the bakery this afternoon and not push it, just keep a smooth pace.

When I arrived at the "Amish Bakery" a young man who works there, Mark, came out to examine my bicycle. He said "it's all carbon fiber." He went on to explain his frustration at not being able to go to Ken's Bike Shop because it was closed on Mondays and that is the day of the week he doesn't have to work. I explained to him that I worked at Ken's Bike Shop and that I was frustrated that I could never ride to The Shiloh General Store when it was open because it was closed on the days I didn't have to work.

Mark asked my name and when I told him my name was Charlie, he said "you are the one I have been wanting to see at Ken's." He wanted to know all about my bike and was mostly interested in how the Garmin computer worked and what a Powertap hub does.

Mark told me about rides he had done to North Wilkesboro and other places. He wanted to know how much different bikes cost and what would be good for his rides. I went inside and bought something to eat and drink and visited with Mark a little more.

When I left the bakery, I didn't feel so bad about not being able to go there because it was closed on the days I didn't have to work. Mark had the same frustration!

On the way back I had a $120 tubular tire go flat. Fortunately I was able to change the tire NASCAR fast and get going again.

This was the first longish ride that the battery on my Garmin hadn't died half way through. I'm sure that was either because I had been using the mapping features too much or wasn't charging it enough.

Another vacation day gone, but I got in "The Bakery Ride." 

Below is a link to the Garmin file of my ride.
Amish Bakery - Recovery Ride by CharlieLawrence at Garmin Connect - Details

The Shiloh General Store

My Trek Madone

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