Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gunnar Sport - Brooks Challenge Tool Bag - Commuting to work

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Gunnar Sport Commuting to Work

The way my Gunnar Sport is set up it's hard to carry a whole lot. A rear rack would greatly increase the efficiency of this bike for commuting. In order to have the pleasure of riding this great machine to work I have to plan ahead and have anything I think I might need already at work. The small bag on the front does work perfectly to carry my lunch in. The Gunnar Sport is a much faster bike than my normal commuter which has 26x2 inch tires and two panniers. The Gunnar sport is a bike that does well at most types of riding. I would highly recommend this great bike to anyone.
Brooks Challenge Tool Bag attached to a Brooks B15 Swallow Titanium Saddle

The Brooks Challenge Tool Bag, designed and patented in 1896, is a great looking saddle bag. It is designed to fit the loops found on the rear of many Brooks Saddles. The strap that holds the bag closed is also used to wrap around the tools on the inside of the bag to keep them from rattling around while riding. Using small tools for your flat repair kit will make it so that you can barely fit them inside of the Challenge Tool Bag. Made in England and oh yeah, this bag looks great!

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