Sunday, May 6, 2012

The day almost got away from me before I got out for a ride

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My bike leaning up against the old locomotive at Tanglewood Park.

Some days just go by so fast that you can't fit everything you planned to do into just one day. Of course riding my bike is a top priority. I did get out late in the day. After being cloudy all day the sun came out at about the same time I was rolling through the country side. In order to make the most of my two hours or so of daylight, I rode my fixed gear bike. This fixed gear bike has little resemblance to the "fixies" that are popular. This fixed gear bike is a "Path Racer" style bike.
These cows in a pasture by the back gate of  Tanglewood Park have plenty of green spring grass to eat right now.

I started out my ride by warming up and then doing a few intervals. My heart wasn't into doing intervals so I decided to just go for a nice ride and keep an eye on my cadence and wattage. Traffic was light and this turned out to be a super nice ride. One of my favorite spots to incorporate into my rides is Tanglewood Park. I always have fun on the roads through the park and often times see wild life in the park. Today I saw three ground hogs scurrying away when I stopped to take a picture of some horses grazing in a pasture.
Horses grazing in a pasture at Tanglewood Park.

Tanglewood Park was willed to the people of Forsyth County by Will Reynolds, the brother of  RJ Reynolds, in 1951. "Mr. Will" raised and raced thoroughbred harness horses and established Tanglewood Farm as a home to some of the country's finest pacers.

Sometimes rides that don't start out so well will turn out to be some of the best rides.
I hope everyone had a chance to get outside and go for a bike ride.
The daylight was just about gone when I made it in.
Poor Ole' Joe was glad to see me.

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