Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day River Park Group Ride 5/28/12

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The group about to head out on our Memorial Day Ride

I rode from my house to the 421 River Park outside of Lewisville, NC to join a group ride that was leaving at 9:30. Today was like every other time I have ridden to a ride. I seem to always end up having to ride the whole way at full time trial speed to get to the ride before the start time. It was overcast and that kept the temperature in a comfortable range. I'm not sure of the distance of today's ride but I would guess it was somewhere around 40 somethingish miles. I got in an extra 20+ miles riding to and from the ride. We all had a great time and I was impressed with the riding skills of this group. Happy Memorial Day to all and I hope you got in a got ride today.
The group headed up old highway 421.
Megan is having a great year of riding!
On the ride home I noticed this temporary fence full of sheep in the front yard of this restored farm house on Grapevine Road outside of Lewisville, NC. You could hear the sheep eating the grass as if they wouldn't get a chance like this again. The sound of them pulling up the grass and chewing it reminded me of a cartoon I saw years and years ago. The cartoon features Droopy Dog and is about sheep and cattle. I found it on Youtube and it is posted below. Hope you enjoy it. 

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