Monday, May 21, 2012

Giordana Velodrome 5/21/12

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Inside the Giordana Velodrome.

I headed on down to Rock Hill, SC to ride on the track today. I have always wanted to get involved with track cycling and have been anxious awaiting the opportunity to ride on this velodrome. We are lucky to have this world class facility so close to us. 

It was in the upper 80s with a nice breeze when I was riding on the velodrome. Track cycling is hard work even with a fairly easy gear. I would go out on the track and ride till I started to loose speed and then take a break in the shade of a tent that was set up in the infield. I had a great time riding today and got in some good solid efforts on the track. I hope to make many more trips back to Rock Hill to ride on this super nice velodrome. Click here for more information on the Giordana Velodrome.
The offices, shop, restrooms, elevators and stairs are all in this track-side building.
To get to the center of the track to ride you must go through this tunnel.
Inside the Giordana Velodrome.
Turns one and two.
Turns three and four.
Bob and Donna at the front desk of the Giordana Velodrome.
They do a great job!

A few laps around the Giordana Velodrome

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