Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tanglewood Park - A great place to ride a bicycle near Winston-Salem, NC

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My tires are pumped up and my bike is ready to go. Joe is standing guard over it while I fix my water-bottles.
Tanglewood Park is only about six miles from home, so it's close enough to just ride my cross bike to on the road.
This is one of the fun gravel road sections that are available to ride at Tanglewood.

One of the shelters for get togethers.
While riding on this double track road across a grassy field I passed by a fellow with a nice camera. I asked him if he had seen any interesting wild life to photograph. He said "he had recently for the first time photographed an American Bald Eagle in the park". He took this photo of me with my camera. Before I went on my way I discovered that I know his son.

A view of the Yadkin river from a trail that runs along beside it.
This section of trial is in the woods close to  the BMX track at Tanglewood.
The BMX track is in the background of this photo.
A natural wetland preserved for wildlife.
A fun section of the paved road that circles around inside the park.
Plenty of grassy sections to ride in the park.
This is a section of one of the Mountain Bike Trials at Tanglewood Park. A bicycle that is off road capable, cyclo-cross or mountian bike, is the most fun to ride at the park.
Another sample of the Mountian Bike Trails.

Tanglewood Park has a lot to offer. I recommend it as a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. A nice bicycle to sight see on makes it even more fun.

To go to the Tanglewood web site clickhere.

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