Saturday, April 25, 2009

Riverwood Sprint Triathlon Mini Race Report

This is from the road, so it will be brief. Charlie, Amy, Jill, Erik and I hit the road for Clayton, NC and the Riverwood Sprint Tri. It was a hot one, with temps near 90 by the time most of us were underway. Charlie, Amy, and I did the race individually, while Jill and Erik teamed up with our swift friend Shelly for a relay team.

Charlie finished 13th overall and I was 16th. He got me by less than a minute, mostly coming from his bike leg which was the 2nd fastest on the day, I believe. We both placed 2nd in our age groups. Amy had a strong race on her new bike and looked great racing in her new PVS kit. We're not sure how the relay team did as of yet, since we left before the awards ceremony was over. All in all, this was a well-organized race with a smooth bike ride. More on this later, but here are a few pics...

Here is amy coming in off the bike...

Me heading out for the run...

Here is Starnes explaining the finer points of speedy triathlon-ing...I am listening intently.

The crew, after the race. Charlie hit the road just after finishing (that man is fast) so he wasn't in the pic.

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