Friday, April 3, 2009


Here is how my race weekend began.........and ended.
About 6:50 pm EST I had everything packed up and the Stanley mobile toolbox moved out to the car. Ready to meet Chancey and Sirena and head to Rock Hill. I was going to do the Crit only then come back afterwards. They are doing both the crit and the RR.
When I walked out to the car. I noticed it was leaning a little and sure enough I was victim of a nail and a piece of sheet metal scrap. So much for registering early to save some money.


  1. That sucks! So now you aren't going? Well, that just means you'll be hyped for Sunday. The guys who aren't racing are doing some stuff in the mtns tomorrow - check em out.

  2. Leave the spare on the Subaru. It looks hot. Wish you could have made it to SC.