Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dixie Race

This is a C race recap. I don't know what happened in the B race, but Burt was in a break with 2 other guys looking strong when I left. If anyone knows how it turned out email me and I'll add it in.

Chancey put in his best performance of the year so far. The race was fun until you got on the back stretch. When you came out of the first corner it was a wall of wind. There were a few small attempts at breakaways, but the wind helped put a squash on that. Plus, it's a 5 race after all.

Chancey and I got a small gap for a little bit, but they caught us and I didn't help increase the lead by saying lets back it down a little. Whoops. Fast forward to the last lap. We are all together. Chancey has a habit of opening up his sprint at the finish line .............WITH ONE LAP TO GO. He did an awesome job of holding it, but Clemmons rider Barry took over with half a lap to go and held it to the end. Chancey was closing the gap to Barry on the final straight really fast, but he ran out of space. I had the best spot in the house watching the finish from the 4th position.

Good times.

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