Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Welcome to my first product review.
This one is for carrying all your gear in one convenient mobile package.
Without further adieu, I present the Stanley mobile toolbox..........$23 from Walmart.

Note the large diameter plastic wheels for toting around the pits. Constructed of some sort of sturdy Chinese polymer.

Upper compartment to keep all the necessary bicycle trinkets. Spare set of sunglasses, etc.
Remove the top compartment and you have room for all sorts of extras........extra water bottle so you will never be without one. Arm warmers, gloves and baby huggies sunscreen.

Slide down the front door for more storage. What do we have here? Plenty of room for a helmet and a bag with some shoes. I could almost crawl in there and take a nap waiting on my race.

Positives: Awesome, just load it up with everything and never leave anything at home.
Rolls nonstop. No flat tires.
Negatives: A little tippy when the handle is in the up position and when the top is open. Works best when leaning against the car with the top open.

So what is my final verdict for this well spent $23.00?
A emphatic thumbs up! Now off to the races.

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