Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Product Review - Bibsdowntown Ribs

Berts Review of a local eatery.

I'd like to impart a tip about something that we, as cyclists, always want to know more about: refueling the body. Monday evening, I went to Bib's Downtown, on the corner of Spring and Fifth streets, and ordered a full rack of ribs for me and two of my sons. That's what we usually get at other rib joints. But this place isn't like the others. In fact, I'd wager that Bib's ribs will make you want to slap a vegetarian. (Kidding. Relax). The ribs were so ample, succulent, and evil that I had to order an additional half rack, because my sons helped themselves to the lion's share of the full rack. Check it out if you're ever downtown and want to try something other than Mellow Mushroom or Foothills. Bib's definitely will help you restore your glycogen, amino -- and lipid -- levels.

Hope you don't mind that I copied your email, but how could I pass this up. I'm gonna try it now.

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