Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Training Ride? It was 70 degrees today!

Fausto Coppi (left), his brother Serse (right) and some other professionals in their plus fours and sweaters out for a training ride.
Back in the day of these pro-racers, they wore regular cloths in the winter to train in. Wool!!! The bikes also had fenders (or mud-guards). I rode my winter training bike today. It has fenders and is a fixed gear bike. I didn't wear regular cloths or wool today, because it was almost 70 degrees.  A great day for a 40 mile ride through north Davidson County, NC. 
Music: Down Child by John Lee Hooker
This video is on Hege Road in Davidson County, NC. It starts out as Beautiful country side and ends up in a neighborhood. I didn't see anything that looked like farming on my ride through the countryside or any cows at the dairy farm on top of the hill on Hege Road.
Poor Ole' Joe watched me wipe down my bike after I got back in.

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