Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon Ride 2/26/12

It was a nice sunny Sunday Afternoon for a ride. The temperatures this afternoon in the Winston-Salem, NC area were in the 50s. A slight breeze was blowing. Of course, I had a headwind on the ride in. I always remember what one of my old riding friends used to say on days like today. He would say "you always have a headwind, if you are going fast enough". 

I'm in the process of trying to get back into riding shape after a lay off from riding that lasted a couple of months due to an injury. I am sort of taking an old fashion approach to training by riding a fixed gear bike. The old fashion method was to ride the first 1,000 miles of each year on a fixed gear bike. The bike I am riding is fixed, but it has a much larger gear than the ones I have ridden in the past and also a powertap rear hub. The gearing on this bike is 53x18. A powertap hub is used to monitor cadence and the amount of power I am producing by measuring power in watts. This bike is also what I call a path racer bike that is similar to the popular bikes used for racing in England during the inter World War II period. 
Look for the deer running across the road at the beginning.
This video was taken today on Doral Dr. headed towards Winston-Salem from Tobaccoville, NC.
Music: Gone with the wind by Lightnin' Hopkins

I got in a good ride of a little over 40 miles. During the ride I got in few good intervals and spent the rest of the time spinning along and enjoying the scenery. Before you know it, we will have warm days and daylight saving time. 
For well over twenty years I have enjoyed seeing these sheep at this farm along Doral Dr. I'm sure many cyclists in the area will know exactly where this is. 
They also have donkeys and chickens on the farm. The chickens were to far away from the road for me to get a good photo of them. These two donkeys made a bee line for their feeding troth as soon as they saw me walking up to the fence. 

I hope everyone got out and enjoyed this beautiful day. Hopefully on a bicycle!

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