Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brooks Pink B18 Lady with Matching Brooks Leather Grips

The Perfect Present for Your Lady, Mom or Daughter!

This Pink B18 Lady is specially packaged with matching Leather Grips. The saddle features the original embossed flowers design of 1905. A true collector’s item, the B18 Lady also features the same unique loop springs -incorporated within the saddles rails - which were among the first suspension features to be patented by Brooks.

The exceedingly comfortable and ever so stylish leather grips included in the box are perfect for use on straight, riser or swept handlebar styles. Each grip is comprised of a stack of hard wearing leather discs sourced from the butt leather offcuts which are surplus to saddle top cutting. The leather washers are tightly stacked upon three lateral spokes per grip, these spokes in turn being fastened within a pair of end stops. The metal end stops clamp tightly to the handlebar, preventing slipping or twisting of the grips.

The Leather Grips are MADE IN ITALY

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