Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brooks Flyer Aged

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Brooks Flyer aged saddle
The Flyer aged is a classically sprung saddle for long distance trekking and touring. It is directly descending from the B66 Champion, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Sharing the same leather top of the B17 model, it combines the comfort of this popular model with the extra suspension granted by two rear springs.

The saddles in Brooks Aged range have a most pronounced suppleness to the leather top. They are best described as being "comfortable from day 1", or indeed "immediately broken in". The Aged range was created for the cyclist eager to ride a leather saddle but disinclined to invest the time involved "breaking-in" a traditional model. The softness of the vegetable tanned leather across our Aged range is guaranteed by the special blend of oils and waxes massaged into the hide prior to manufacture.
The fine top of a Brooks Flyer Aged

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