Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jeannie Longo won the French National Time Trial Championship yesterday at age 52!

Jeannie Longo with her Gold Medal
Just incredible.  And inspiring.  Her 58th national title.

When she won her first world title in 1985, Ronald Reagan was just starting his second term, and Gorby has just taken over in what was still the USSR.  Andy Schleck and Mark Cavendish were both few-months-old infants.  Bernard Hinault had won his 5th Tour de France over Greg LeMond and Stephen Roche.  Sean Kelly was the world's number 1 ranked rider.    The best road bikes had 7 speeds, if you were lucky.  Shifters were on the downtube, and probably friction unless you had the brand new Shimano SIS.  There was no internet.   No power meters.   And the language of world cycling was still French.

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