Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Cat 4 Race at Ace

I had always wanted to race at Ace Speedway and finally got the opportunity tonight. I recently cat'd up to the 4's and this was my first race. Danny, Chad, and myself did both the C race and the B race. It was very hot and the asphalt keep the heat in. Ace is cool: banked, smooth pavement, and balls out fast!
C Race-
The C race (Men's 4/5, Women's 4) had around 30 people in it. It was fast from the gun! We raced for 25 minutes and averaged slightly less than 26mph per my computer. We did almost 13 miles in 25 minutes. There were numerous attacks and Danny, Chad, and myself stayed with the group. Danny raced really strong throughout. I got caught out of the paceline with 5 laps to go. SO with three to go I decided to attack and break things up. I lead a lap with Danny on my wheel. We strung out the field and I pulled off the front with two to go. Danny stayed out in the front 1/3. I hung on with the lead group and finished around 10th-12th. Danny was up near the front at the line!
B Race-
The B race (Men's 3/4, Women's 3+) had around 36 people in it. It started out at a nice pace and after a lap or two the field picked up the pace. There were some speed enhancing primes! We raced for around 45 minutes (well those who finished...more on that later). With about 25 laps to go the pace ramped up. Chad and Danny looked good in the group. I was holding on in the middle of the group. With less than 15 laps to go disater struck: I crashed! Two guys went down right in front of me before turn one. There were people all around me and I saw a guy laying in front of me. I tried to bunnyhop him and needless to say did not make it; I ran over him. I crashed as well. A total of four people went down. I stuck my right arm out and did not hit my head!! I got up and assessed me and the bike. I have road rash on my right shoulder, shoulder blade, right hip, little below my right knee, and bruises on my left knee and elbow. My left wrist hurts the worst. The bike looks a little rough and the front wheel is not rolling. I tore up my handle bars. Paceline here I come.

I hate going down but at least this time I didn't hit my head and get a concussion. I hope everything else is well but I may need a visit to the MD. Hopefully, I will get to go back to Ace because the track is great but the speeds are scary.


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