Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Charity Ride - Saturday June 27th

This was sent by Kevin Fox:

Pain Pathways/PVS Team and Friends:

The 3rd annual Saddles and Spokes ride will be held on Sat. June 27 leaving from Friedberg Moravian Church (near Mrs. Hanes cookie factory) and goes throughout Davidson County. Proceeds benefit the "Hoof and Paw" Therapeutic Riding and Activity Center (a 501-c-3), which is a tax exempt organization. The Hoof and Paw Center works with physically, mentally and emotionally challenged individuals through horseback riding and related activities.

Ride Date: June 27
Time: 8:15 am for 100k ride
8:30 am for 50k ride
Spaghetti lunch served after ride.
Price is $30 if registered by June 13 (add $5 after)


I attend church at Friedberg Moravian with Helen Bee, the lady who runs the Hoof and Paw Center. I will be working the event and I hope to squeeze in the ride myself! We would love to have as many cyclists as possible if it fits your schedule, budget, etc. - goes to a good local cause.

Thanks, Kevin Fox

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