Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Night Recovery Race

This Paceline-hosted ride is always lots of fun. Tonight, we had a good group of classic participants (Cam, Curtis, Jeff...) and some PVSers (Jim, Scott, Mitch, me) plus some late-arriving MOBers. And Jim Conrad.

In a nutshell, we yapped and joked for two laps of Dull Rd then got serious on the third lap. The MOBers (who I hear are at least Cat 3?) bridged an early gap and then hit the gas. A few of us stayed on, with Scott grabbing second in the sprint. I think Mitch was third. I was around 4th-5th with the ever-speedy Dr. Rob right there. Anyway, a good time was had by all. A nice way to spend a Wednesday night...

Speaking of that, I grabbed a frosty beverage at Big Shots and then someone took my picture. Ah well. The children (or anyone with style) should avert their eyes.


  1. Did you have some sort of sixth sense going on wearing those Michael Jackson style glasses the day before he passes?

  2. it just felt right to put them on. that's all i can say. odd...