Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memorable Ride

My most memorable ride would probably have to be the first charity ride I ever did. I ride the "Spokes for Strokes" ride in Yadkinville about four years ago. I just started riding that summer and the ride was in October. I had one cheap pair of shorts and wore a cycling jersey with a Nike longsleeve shirt over it. The bad thing was the temperature was 38 degrees that morning and only warmed up into the 40's. It was fairly windy and I was freezing from the start. I showed up by myself. I think I had riden around ten times with a group. My longest ride up until that point had been 20-25 miles. I signed up for the 40 miler and started the ride.

I was shaking from the start. I had one water bottle and no idea what I was in for. I started with the front group (not knowing any better) and about bonked 20 miles into it. I stopped at a rest stop and ate some. Thankfully, a female rider stopped and could tell I was in trouble. I rode the final 20 miles with her and she showed me how to draft and drink and ride at the same time. When I finished (in about 3-4hours) I felt like the scene from Dumb & Dumber with snot frozen to my face. I was so cold after the race that it took a day for my feet/hands to have adequate circulation to warm up. I learned a lot. I have pictures from it and when I look back I have to laugh. The t-shirt is classic.

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