Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ride this Weekend in Greensboro

There is a ride this weekend in Greensboro for those interested. It will be something different at least.
Rob, Scott Rapoport, Erich(?) and myself are going.

Read below.

This Saturday, Revolution Cycles, NC will be hosting our official name change party!

Firstly... There will be a store wide sale! Everything will be marked down with some items being on mega-closeout! And I mean "I don't know? what would you give me for it?" kind of closeout. I'll be dragging out a ton of stuff from our warehouse and sincerely asking you all to help me do some belated Spring Cleaning. From the bling, to the norm, to the esoteric, to the "one man's junk is another's treasure"... there will be alot of...umm...stuff. So come help us clear it out.

Secondly... There will be an Assault on Mt. Caraway bike ride with a few route options. The offical Caraway ride will be about 60 miles, minimum, with an 80 mile option climbing Dave's Mtn as well.
But here's the deal... At the top of Caraway, there will be a few KING OF THE MOUTAIN primes. First rider to the summit gets a Cane Creek 110 headset! valued at $140! Second place will get a blingin' prize as well! The other primes will be available to ANYONE who makes it to the summit! Crest the summit and your name will go in a drawing. So maybe you weren't the fastest... that's a tough little hill and you deserve the chance at a damn prime too, right?
Sadly, shorter than 60 and we can't ride to Caraway. But there will be a nice scenic route out on the east side of town for those looking for a nice 20-50 mile jaunt.
The ride will roll out around 1:00pm from the shop parking lot. Please park behind on the adjacent street, or across the street in the neighborhood. That way we keep the lot free for the festivities afterward.

Which gets us to Thirdly...
By the time we roll back in to the shop, Greg from Taqueria El Azteca will be cooking some burgers, chicken, and other goodies (fret not...veggie folks will be accounted for). Please BYOB, just in case.
New deal... $10 bucks gets you into the ride and cookout!
Please give me some heads up as soon as possible on whether or not you will attend the ride/picnic so that we have a rough idea on how much food we'll need. Thanks!
Cookout should begin around 4:00pm or so. If you couldn't make the ride, please feel free to join us for the picnic. Just let us know...We'll figure it out.
And PASS IT ON. Seriously, the more the merrier. We're going to have a TON of food. (BYOB please. No promises...)
And we want to see a TON of people. We're super stoked about all of this and can't wait to see folks.
Feel free to call us with any questions or comments, because I'm sure I've omitted something.
Thanks folks. See you soon!

Watts Dixon
Grand Moff
Revolution Cycles NC
2823 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC 27403

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