Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good showing for the team at ACE

Last night 5 members of the team traveled to Ace Speedway to race. We were able to race 2 races back to back. In the first race we were able to get a rider in an early break. The rest of our team did a fantastic job of slowing the pace of the field so that the break could lap the field. At the end of the first race we ended up with a fourth place finish.
The second race was full of attacks. The first attack took off as soon as the race began. One of the attacks had 4 strong riders in it without anyone from our team. I chased to bring this break back and took a few riders with me. After about a lap of chasing I looked around to find I was by myself. I gave a try at catching up to the break, but was not able to catch 4 strong riders working together. The field never would work to bring back this break and it eventually got a lap on the field. Several riders from our team made great attempts at breaks but all of them were eventually chased down. With about 3 laps to go 3 riders crashed hard. No one on our team was involved. The crash was right in front of me. I was fortunate enough to slip between the crash and the guard rail as the fallen bikes and riders slid down the banking of the race track. The race was neutralized for a few laps and then ended in a sprint finish. Everyone was happy to just get to the line safely.
We had a fun night of racing and got in a lot of speed work. Everyone on our team rode strong.

Thanks for the pics and writeup Charlie

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