Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gunnar Roadie - The perfect bicycle for riding over the hills and far away

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Gunnar Roadie
The weather was nice enough to ride in shorts and short sleeve jerseys today. That makes for a nice Sunday afternoon in November to ride a bike.

I rode the Gunnar Roadie to Lewisville, NC to join in the 2:00 Sunday afternoon group ride. A few weeks ago I was late getting to a ride and ended up riding mostly by myself. So I gave myself plenty of time to get to the town square where the ride begins. It was nice to see lots of friends at the beginning of the ride and to visit with everyone. 

The average temperature during the ride was just over 70 degrees. It was a little windy during the ride and it seemed we had a head wind most of the ride. On windy days like this I always remember what one of my old friends, Mike Royal, used to say. Mike said "you always have a head wind if you are going fast enough".  I don't think that makes riding into a head wind any easier, but it helps my attitude. 

This was a nice bunch of riders to ride with and I think everyone enjoyed the ride. Our route ended up being approximately 39 miles. I got in a little extra mileage by riding to and from the group ride.

The Gunnar Roadie performed flawlessly. Every time I ride this bike I enjoy it more and more. It rides like a dream in all situations.  This has to be the perfect bike for riding over the hills and far away.
Some of the riders getting ready to ride

In the video below Led Zepplin performs the song "Over the hills and far away" in the year 1975.

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