Monday, November 12, 2012

Gunnar Roadie - Motivating - Can't Stop

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Gunnar Roadie guarded by Poor ole' Joe
The temperature was in the mid 60s Fahrenheit today and a little windy. Thank goodness it wasn't raining. The past couple of months we have had a lot of rainy Mondays. Monday is my day off from work. After lunch I jumped on the Gunnar Roadie planning on going for an easy ride for about an hour. The Roadie is such fun to ride that I just can't stop. I kept adding to my route until I had been on the bike for well over two hours. I would have just kept going, but ran out of time. A great riding bike like this one is real motivation for me to get out and ride. I just wish I had more day light hours during the work week to spend on the Gunnar. 

The route I took today is one of my favorite ones. It goes out into the country side by way of Fraternity Church Road. I enjoyed passing by the land that was my grandfather's farm for many years. Despite being all grown up with trees I envisioned the way the farm used to be as I rode by. Leaving Forsyth County and going into Davidson County there are still reminders of the farm land this area used to be. My route took me through the communities of Arcadia and Welcome, NC. On the way in I rode through Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC to add a little extra to my ride. I look forward to my next cycling adventure on the Gunnar Roadie. I am sure it will be like today and I will feel like I can't stop ridding. Click here to learn more about Gunnar Cycles.
I saw this in the front yard of a house on Ebert St. during my ride today.  Creative and funny!
 The video below is of  the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing  the song "Can't Stop" in France. 

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