Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gunnar Roadie - Gunnar Sport- Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon group ride

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Poor ole' Joe and the Gunnar Roadie
Today just seemed like a good day to head over to Lewisville, NC to join in the two o'clock group ride. Poor ole' Joe kept me company as I pumped up my tires and gave the Gunnar Roadie a quick check over before starting my ride. The sun was shining and the temperature was edging it's way up close to 60 degrees at 1:15 pm when I got on the bike to ride to the group ride. My friend, Mark, usually does the Sunday afternoon group ride on his Gunnar Sport. His Gunnar Sport has the same English Blue and white paneled paint scheme as the Gunnar Roadie. Mark has had his Gunnar Sport for several months and done some cool rides on it. I was looking forward to seeing Mark's Gunnar in action.

The group ride leaves from the Lewisville town square. I warmed up quickly on the eight mile ride to Lewisville. My many weather checks on several different sources made me think that it was going to cloud up as the day wore on. So I was glad I was a little over dressed at the beginning of the ride. 

Sure enough, Mark was unloading his bike as I rolled up to the town square. There was just enough time for me to take a couple of pictures of both the Gunnar Roadie and the Gunnar Sport  before the ride began. 

We rolled out with a group of nine riders. After we crossed the Yadkin river there was some discussion of where different riders wanted to go. The ride ended up dividing into two groups. One group of 4 headed for their route and the other group, that I rode with, had 5 riders in it. We cruised along on a fairly flat road at a comfortable pace and I was just groovin' on a Sunday afternoon group ride. As we were riding the clouds covered the sky and the temperature dropped to a damp 54 degrees. Mark and I, the Gunnar riders, both received many complements and questions about the two Gunnar bikes. Our route from the town square and back ended up at approximately 30 miles in length. 

A few minutes after we got back to the town square the other four riders rolled up. Tom was riding back to Winston-Salem as I was. We rode in together at a nice clip. I enjoyed riding with the group and Mark on his sharp looking Gunnar Sport. This was just the type of group ride I was hoping for.

The Gunnar Roadie did all the things it is designed to do very well. The bike climbs well and is fantastic at cornering. The handling would be a confidence builder in a critirium race.

I look forward to riding with this nice group again!
A Gunnar Roadie and a Gunnar Sport
Gunnar Sport
Gunnar Roadie

There was a song about groovin' on a Sunday afternoon.

In the video below the Young Rascals perform their 1967 hit song Groovin'.

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