Monday, September 12, 2011

River Park Group Ride 9/12/11

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Rolling through the country side.
I rode with the "River Park Group" today. This is a great group to ride with. They leave from the Old 421 River Park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:30. The ride is typically 40 miles at an average speed of around 16.5+ miles per hour. There were approximately 20 riders on today's ride. Edmond does a great job as the ride leader and pulls into the wind pretty much the whole time. Thanks Edmond for all you do! There were a few riders not ready to go when the group started out. I rode with them and we all worked together to catch up to the main group. Thankfully the main group rode a little easier so we could catch up. This is a great group to ride with if it fits into your schedule.


Back at the Old 421 River Park
Catching up to the group.
Music: Nothing But Blue by Jimmy Warren Band

River Park Group Ride 9/12/11
Music: Jackstropper Blues by Lightnin' Hopkins

I rode to the ride and back from home to get in a few extra miles.

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