Monday, September 12, 2011

A late day ride with some on and off road riding.

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Poor Ole' Joe and my Cross Bike
I had a lot to do Sunday and didn't get out to ride until late in the day. It was a little cooler and the threat of diminishing daylight motivated me to ride a little faster to get it all in. One of my favorite rides is to combine on and off road riding. Leaving from my house it's about 5 miles to Tanglewood Park where I can get in some off road riding. Then it's another 5 miles of road riding back home.  I'm  not racing Cyclo-Cross this year, so I have my Cross Bike set up with 700 x 28 tires (a little wider than standard road tires) that are puncture resistant. These tires have a maximum inflation rating of 90psi. At that pressure I can go fairly fast on road or off. I always seem to feel better after one of these rides. Different styles of riding help to keep me motivated to ride more.

I have been riding Ruffy Tuffy Tires on my bike.
There are a lot of different tires available that are similar to these.
A little off road riding.
Music: Superstitious Blues by Chris Thomas King

Leaving Tanglewood
Music: Gemini Blues by Sonny Landreth

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