Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long ride before the rainy days begin

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Sheep grazing in a pasture beside the road, just outside of Tobaccoville, NC
I was unusually tired this morning and slow to get moving. It was almost 11.00 AM when I finally got on my bike and headed out. With almost a whole week of rainy days in the weather forecast, my plan was to get in a long ride. One of my favorite roads to ride a bicycle on over the years has been the section of Highway 66 after passing by the road that leads to Sauratown Mountain. Once you pass by Moore Springs Road on 66 there soon gets to be little or no traffic. Passing up on the opportunity to climb one or more mountains shouldn't concern you on this route as there is all the climbing you want to do on it. At the intersection of highways 66 and 268 I usually continue on 66. Today I got onto 268 for a change. Highway 268 is a smooth road with long descents that are of course followed by long climbs. Eventually it runs into highway 89 at the Dan River. I turned right onto 89 and stayed on it till it became highway 8. There are lots of hills to climb on 8. If it rains tomorrow I will be OK with not riding outside after today's long solo ride.  Hopefully I will get to ride this section of 66 again in the next few weeks. It's still one of my favorite roads to ride a bicycle on.

A rest stop at the Sauratown Country Store 
Riding on Hwy 66
Music: Sad News From Korea by Lightnin' Hopkins

Rolling on Hwy 268
Music: Bad Boy by Blues Beckons

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