Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pilot Mountain Team Training Ride

Saturday, November 14 was an epic day.
First, when does one get a 70 degree day in Mid-Nov?
Secondly, how often does one have sag support for a team training ride? (Thanks Lisa)
Bert, CHad, Kevin, Jimmy, John O'Leary & myself had all of the above & more yesterday. It was awesome. As Bert has stated in the post ride email, I had one of my best days ever. (losing 17ish lbs makes a difference going up any hill, much less trying to stay on O'Leary's wheel) Bert's new power meter is helping him go to new heights(no pun intended) but it's not helping his calves any. Jimmy had been hooked up to an IV just 24hrs prior to the ride & made it. (Jimmy, you know the pro's have stuff put INTO them, not taken out) Chad's diesel was firing on all cylinders & Kevin never seems to have a lull in his riding. Kev, thanks for the encourgement.

Good weather, good friends & a safe ride, what could be better?

Lisa took a couple of videos from the car & I'm attempting to attach.

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