Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hendersonville Cross Recap

This weekend was the UCI sanctioned NC Grand Prix in Hendersonville, NC. The course was at Jackson Park. The course was challenging with a barrier section, a run-up with steps/barriers, single-track style hill with leaves all over it, and the "wall." The "WALL" is a steep hill right out of a corner and off a paved parking lot that is rideable with a lot of speed.

Sirena and I both raced at 10:45AM and Saturday's weather was picture perfect. Sirena's race was a women's CX3-4 and the competition was ramped up for this. I had 61people in my race. I think Sirena had 25+. I got a bad start and had trouble getting clipped in. I had a good opening lap. On the second lap I over-cooked a muddy corner and went down. I regrouped and on the third lap I was passing a junior and called out "on your right." Once I was close to the junior he swerved sideways into me and we both went down on the gravel road. I did a split and the junior landed on my left knee. Needless to say I was hurting. I finished 29th. Sirena hung tough and finished 18th. She had a stacked field and did well.

Sunday's (today's) weather was nasty in Hendersonville. It was cold, rainy, and the course was getting muddy. I was out with my left leg hurting and my knee swollen. Sirena per-rode the course and decided to opt out. She said she didn't have it in her and we packed up and headed for W-S. I think she is somewhat burned out. I have never seen her quit a race before.

Anyway, the last cross race of the fall series is in W-S at Tanglewood Dec 6th.


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