Sunday, November 15, 2009

Memorial RIde from High Point

How can a 70 degree day in Mid November get any better? Well, how about 2 & riding for an awesome cause as to remember a fallen cyclist. Today, Chad, Jimmy, Dave, Richard & I participated in the Memorial ride in HP for the Dave who was killed by a motorist in GSO less than a month ago.
I was under the impression it was going to be a "recovery" ride, but when >500 people showed, it quickly apparent that some of the big boys had come to play & show off their Mid-Nov form. (Bert, we needed you!!)

I took my video camera thinking I would be able to practice my skills. I got 2 clips before we left & 1 on the bike (below) before that dang thing became weight I didn't need to be dragging around.

I will never be able to give this ride the credit it deserves nor wax as poetically as Professor Bert, so I'll leave it as this. Here's the video before my eyes started bleeding....

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