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Hunger; The Autobiography of Sean Kelly

Hunger; The Autobiography of Sean Kelly

320 pages, hardcover
First Published in Great Briton in 2013
 by: Peloton Publishing
2 Gladdensden Lane
St Albans , Herts AL3 7NP
Printed in and bound in England by SS Media
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Hunger, by Sean Kelly, tells the story of Kelly from a young age growing up on a farm through his professional bicycle racing career into retirement. 

He grew up on on a farm in rural Ireland. He was accustomed to hard work. Kelly carried on the strong work ethic of his youth throughout his training and professional racing career. 

When other riders signed lucrative contracts to race, they often would change their life style. Expensive cars and houses were often bought soon after signing.

In the book Sean Kelly describes how he lived while racing. During his years as a professional he lived in a room on a rural farm in Belgium. He rented it from an older couple. Living much as he did on his family farm in Ireland. Kelly saved his money and didn't indulged in many luxuries. 

His training and racing were much like of his youth, which was spent working on the farm or as a brick mason. The book tells of how he trained and race.

This is a great read for any fan of bicycle racing. It tells of his life while racing as well as describing the races. Be sure and read this book. 

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Sean Kelly

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