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Lucien Aimar

Lucien Aimar

Lucien Aimar (April 28, 1941) raced as a professional cyclist during the years 1965 through 1973. After his retirement from racing he became a race director. 

Lucien's participated in the Tour de France his first year as a professional. He was on the Ford-Gitane team, led by Jacques Anguetil.  He abandoned the 1965 Tour de France that year on the Col d'Aubisque.

During the 1966 Tour de France Lucien Aimar attacked on the Col d'Aubisque, the very climb he had abandoned on the previous year. He had the support of Jacques Anquetil, who was riding his last Tour de France. Before leaving the race Anquetil pledged the team would work for Aimar for the rest of the race. Lucien Aimar went on to win the 1966 Tour de France.

For 1967 he switched to the Bic team. Aimar rode in support of Jacques Anqutil at the Giro d'Italia and finished in seventh place.

  The 1967 Tour de France was raced by national teams. Lucien rode in support of his fellow Frenchman Roger Pingeon. Pingeon won the tour that year and Aimar finished in sixth place. 

Aimar finished in second place, at the 1967 French National Road Race Championship, behind Desire Letort. Letort was later disqualified for doping. Lucien Aimar was by default the French Champion. He refused to wear the blue, white and red jersey of the national champion in support of Desire Letort.

Roger Pingeon and Lucien Aimar broke away together at the 1968 French National Road Race Championship. Aimar beat Pingeon in the final sprint and won the 1968 national championship.

Aimar had good solid results for the remaining five years of his professional career. He never had results to match his 1966 Tour de France and 1968 French National Championship victories.

Lucien Aimar on the podium of the 1966 Tour de France.
On the left of the photo is third place finisher Raymond Poulidor.
On the right of the photo is second place finisher Jan Janssen.

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