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Take a Seat - by Dominic Gill - Book Review

Take a Seat by: Dominic Gill
288 pages
Published by Falcon Guides10/26/2010
Printed in the United States of America

Take a Seat is the story of Dominic Gill's tandem bicycle ride from the northern most tip of the North American Continent to the most southern city on the South American Continent. He began his adventure in 2006 and it took him over two years to complete. Dominic rode a tandem bicycle and pulled a trailer almost 20,000 miles. His bike, trailer and all his gear together weighed approximately 200 pounds. Along the way he convinced over two hundred and seventy people to take the back seat on the tandem and help him pedal. 

The idea of riding a tandem bicycle was that of a film producer. Dominic Gill's original idea was to do the ride as a bike tour and make a documentary of his ride. It was the film producer's suggestion to ride a tandem bike and get companions from the different areas along the way to ride with him. To finance his adventure, Dominic, took out a home improvement loan. 

 Dominic describes his adventure in a colorful writing style that enables the reader to feel like they are experiencing the adventure themselves. While reading the book I felt the heat and dryness of the desert and the cold snow of the Patagonia Mountains. 

Take a Seat is not about riding a bike as much as it is the journey and the folks he met along the way. Many folks in difficult living conditions took Dominic Gill into their home and shared what little food they had. He made many friends along the way.

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys riding bicycles and considers it an adventure. Or, just enjoys a good adventure!

Dominic Gill has been on several other similar adventures since the writing of this book and also on a lecture tour. 

Below is a video that will provide better insight into "Take a Seat."

TAKE A SEAT: SIZZLE from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Dominic Gill is a mountain climber, award-winning videographer, adventurer and pioneer in the new era of global expiration.

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