Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ride: Short fiction about bicycles: - book review

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Ride: Short fiction about bicycles
200 Pages
Published by: Typeflow Inc. 2011
Edited by: Keith Snyder

 Ride is a collection of short stories, all of which involve bicycles. The book contains nine different stories by nine different authors. The good thing about a book of short stories is that you can read a story, put the book down, and pick it up months later and read some more without being lost. Short stories are also nice to take with you when you are traveling, or sitting in a waiting room waiting on an appointment.

I was disappointed in most of the short stories in this book. The writing was excellent. Just not my type of stories. Many of the main characters were troubled people with dark personalities. I guess I just grew up in the era when The Wonderful World of Walt Disney was on television. I like stories that end with "And they all lived happily ever after."

There is one story in the book that is really good. It is "Bob's Bike Shop" by Kent Peterson. You can read the whole story right here on this blog. Simply click here to read it! I wish I could recommend the whole book, but I can't. I do recommend reading "Bob's Bike Shop."

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